Diver9 at WSI
The band: 

Dawn Aguiar: lead + backup vocals, keyboard, rhythm guitar, melodica, kazoo
Keith Doo: lead guitar, vocals
Josh Hassol: bass, lead + backup vocals

Norm Schrager: drums + percussion, vocals

The story: 

Once upon a time, two guys named Keith Doo and Josh Hassol were sharpening their musical chops at a place called the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA. They ended up in a band together. No, not this band. Not yet. 

Dawn Aguiar's daughter was taking voice lessons at the school and Dawn, a singer met Josh and joined a band with him. No, not this band. No, not that other band with Keith, either. Hang on. 

After several months, Keith, Josh, and Dawn realized they'd have more fun playing together. They soon met up in Keith's basement regularly - and things clicked. 

The trio had no name, no gigs, and no drummer. Dawn's old friend Norm Schrager raised his hand to join the fray behind the drum kit. Norm had played in several Boston bands in the 2000s and was ready to go. 

After working out setlists, playing charity gigs, and once performing under the name Urban Architecture, Diver 9 was born. No one in the band is a diver. The number 9 has no significance. Don't ask.

The band's setlist and tastes range from Veruca Salt and Green Day to Elvis Costello and Patsy Cline. With every show, we're picking favorites we think audiences would be psyched to hear and even happy to dance to.

Hope to see you at the next gig!

Dawn, Norm, Keith, and Josh